domingo, 20 de setembro de 2015

Fighting against time

Well, I´m still working with my data analysis. I could not find the best way to do analyze my data. I know that I want to keep the cyclic feature of Action Research, Project work and reflection. However, I have to find out the best cycle. I have thought of having action, reflection and changes,but I need to check if it really applies to my findings.
Good news is that I have now some categories to look at: role of  the teacher, assessment, reflection, foreign  language concept, concept of project, planning. I want to check how those concepts and categories have changed throughout the research. My main doubt now is if I should check those changes inside each cycle and then look at the changes through the three cycles or if I should go looking at the changes from cycle one to three.
 Another good thing is that one of the teachers is working on a writing report about her experience with the research. She read some articles and wrote about what she understood about them. I´m very happy with her progress. I thought it would be so much more difficult for her. Now, I´ve asked her to write about what happened to her during the research that illustrates those ideas.
Let´s keep working.

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